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ROLL Franklin at Open Streets on Sunday!

Hope Community‘s Intersections + Bedlam Theatre + Not Bad Rap are joining forces to ROLL Franklin on Sunday for Open Streets MPLS and invite YOU to ROLL, too!

Meet between 9 and 9:30am at Bedlam (2712 E 27th St., in the Ivy Building) with your fav set of wheels (bikes, skates, whatever!) and ROLL west in a parade towards Hope Community! You can also join anytime you see them on the street.

we ask people all the people to ROLL FRANKLIN

Between 10:30am and 1pm, Hope Community’s Intersections will have an outdoor living room, courtesy of Bedlam, and guests can enjoy musical performances with Not Bad Rap among others.

Then at 1pm, Not Bad Rap will take it to the streets on a rolling scaffold. ROLL along with during afternoon!

the SCAFFOLD is the rolling stage

Folks who’d like to get involved should check out the Facebook event page:

The more the merrier!

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