2001 A Space Popup Holiday Sale 11/27 – 11/28

Seward artist Nancy Schultz and others will appear at this holiday sale in northeast Minneapolis.

Yes, dear friends, once again you can shop in a low-stress environment in tranquil Northeast. Forget teeming mobs in malls and giant stores! Shop with us for unique gifts of all sorts, made by local artists. Gallery air-purifier equipped. Wear a mask, please.

Nancy Schultz / scarves and fabrics Richard Stephens / linocuts
Patty Canney / paintings & cards
Gail Grabow / jewelry LK Hanson / prints & drawings
Dean Hawthorne / Metal Sculpture
Nick Minenko / calendars, prints & cards
Faye Passow / prints & kitchenware

By Zeke Cato Enterprise

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