Red Eye Theater

“For the past three decades Red Eye has led the charge in creating some of the most daring, challenging, and rewarding theatre in the Twin Cities; continually bringing the newest ideas of what theatre can do to audiences.” — l’etoile magazine

Red Eye is a vital artistic lab that supports the rigorous artistic inquiry of Minnesota artists from a broad spectrum of experiences and expression. Artist-run and intentionally modest in size, Red Eye encourages experimentation, foregrounds process, and is advocating for systemic change for the contemporary performance community in the Twin Cities.

Red Eye provides crucial in-depth developmental opportunities, incubating the next generation of creators and making space for artists to reexamine creative process in a new light. Rooted in the core tenets of experimentation, collaboration, critical discourse, Red Eye serves as a platform for the Twin Cities’ multi-faceted contemporary performance community, a space for profound shared experiences that ignite connections between people and ideas.