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  • Diane Gamm

    Functional pottery and nature photography, including photos of Lake Superior Ice Caves. Open House at 2217 – 32nd Avenue South during the Winter Frolic, Dec 6-7 (#20 on the map).

  • Lea-Way Designs

    Lea-Way Designs, LLC create colorful, culturally-inspired tiles for home decor and personal decor. Tiles as functional art, Two-Way Tile Trays™, and tile jewelry are available for personal expression and your gift-giving needs.

  • Kat Lange

    kat lange’s deep, rich hues imbue her paintings with the play of light on color and shadow. _____________________

  • Kim Gordon

    Kim Gordon is a local painter, illustrator and teacher. Her greeting cards tell simple stories about elemental aspects of life: finding joy in transitory beauty, peace in nature, the pleasures of relationships.

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Open space at Hub of Heaven Community Garden

HOHHub of Heaven Community Garden (HoH) is looking for a few responsible gardeners.  While returning gardeners have preference to retain the plots that they gardened last year, there will be openings for new gardeners.  We just do not know how many yet.  The price was $30 per plot last year and will not go up in 2015. 

HoH is located on the corner of E. 26th St and 28th Ave S. HoH was first planted in the mid 1990’s with NRP money from the Environment Committee under the SNG umbrella, and has been continuously gardened since 1997.
There are a few simple rules such as no chemical herbicides or pesticides, organic practices are encouraged,  pay the fee, plant your plot, keep your plot and surrounding area weeded, come to the start of season cleanup day, sign up for chores, do the chores that you sign up for, for starters. 
The clean up day will be determined by snow melt and weather, probably mid to late April . If interested in joining us at the HoH, contact Lee at or Jim at

Spring will come, like the dawn it always does.”


Do you want to learn how to ride a bike?

bikeAn invitation from the folks at Spokes:

“Do you want to learn how to ride a bike? Maybe you never learned how to ride. Maybe you haven’t ridden a bike for 30 years and want to try it again. The SPOKES location of Cycles for Change is again offering our Learn-to-Ride course.

In four hour-and-a-half classes we start with putting you on a bike that is short enough that both your feet can touch the ground. Then we spend one or two sessions (it depends on the individual) on you learning how to balance. We progress to braking, peddling, turning and other safe riding skills. The class is open to anyone over 13 years old (we’ve had a couple students close to 70 years old). Click here for more information about the course.


New gourmet cafe at Bethany Church

ows_142809702945415The Strib wrote an article this weekend about a great new venture in Seward.

“A  chef who once spent a year living under the Franklin Avenue bridge and a hard-charging minister who recently took over a struggling church have joined forces to redefine the soup kitchen.

Step No. 1: “We don’t call it a soup kitchen,” said the Rev. Mike Matson, pastor of Bethany Lutheran Church in Minneapolis. He prefers the term “community meal.” It’s not run like a soup kitchen, either. It’s run like a cafe, complete with servers who take orders and deliver the food.

…Called the Soup for You Cafe, it serves lunch from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. Diners pay whatever they feel is a fair price — or whatever they are able to.”

Read the full article here.