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  • Diane Gamm

    Functional stoneware and porcelain pottery some soda-fired & impressionistic and nature photography prints and lamps.

  • Lea-Way Designs

    Lea-Way Designs, LLC create colorful, culturally-inspired tiles for home decor and personal decor. Tiles as functional art, Two-Way Tile Trays™, and tile jewelry are available for personal expression and your gift-giving needs.

  • Kat Lange

    kat lange’s deep, rich hues imbue her paintings with the play of light on color and shadow. _____________________

  • Kim Gordon

    Kim Gordon is a local painter, illustrator and teacher. Her greeting cards tell simple stories about elemental aspects of life: finding joy in transitory beauty, peace in nature, the pleasures of relationships.

Frolic Artists Now Featured in our Slider!

We will be featuring 2014 Frolic artists in the slider above.

Artists! Time to Register for the 2014 Winter Frolic.

Deadline to get in the Seward Winter Frolic program is Nov 3, 2014.
Go here for more information.


Make Kathryn Rosebear’s home a must-stop at this year’s Winter Frolic!

On December 6th and 7th stop by Kathryn Rosebear’s home (2400 E 22nd Street) to see four fantastic Frolic artists! Judith Yourman (ceramic jewelry), Sally Roscoe (textile figures and dolls), Margot Olsen (custom textile purses), and Kathryn Rosebear (pottery).


Twin Cities’ music scene and Seward Frolic afterparty band, Pennyroyal


Last week Ira Brooker wrote a good article reflecting on the local music scene, including a chat with former Pennyroyal member, Ethan Rutherford. Pennroyal is playing the Seward Frolic afterparty at Whiskey Junction on Sat. 12/6. Check out the video Brooker included for the band’s song, Minot.

One nice quote from Ethan, “…in the winter … there is this, sort of, frozen bonhomie – we’re all in this together! But I also think that music is just something that a lot of people in the Twin Cities do. It’s in the air. If you live anywhere in the greater Midwest and are into music, eventually you’re going to hear about that and get pulled to the Twin Cities, because that’s where a music community has already established itself.”

We like to think so, too.

More about the Seward Frolic afterparty here. Music starts at 8:30pm. No covercharge. Reply to the Facebook event here.


Seward Frolic Artist, Kathy Teegarden

Kathy Teegarden

Kathy is another one of this year’s Frolic artists. She makes handbuilt and thrown pottery, stoneware and porcelain.

Check out Kathy’s artist page for more images and bio on here!