Seward Montessori School

Winter Frolic Activities : 

Saturday, December 3

10:00am – 1:00pm : All school art show

10:00am- 5:00pm : Bake sale plus coffee & chocolate sale – all proceeds go towards sending youth to Space camp. Turkish Rug sales will also help fund space camp.


The following 19 artists selling their work:

Adam Demers, Alejandro Ortega, Bobby Griffiths, Elina Kolstad, Elizabeth Christian/Rare Press, H. Leigh Art, Judith Yourman, Katharine Skibbe, Kim Gordon, Lily Carlson, Maia Homstad, Northstar Foundry Production, Regla De Oro- Art Gallery and Fair Trade, Sarah Seufert, Wendy Smith, Carole Hallman and Marina Telfer, Tara Block and Francis Pineda-Fischer

About : Seward Montessori School is a magnet school located in the quiet neighborhood of Seward. We are a K-8 learning center that embraces students of diverse backgrounds. We foster inquiry, curiosity, and respect in an environment rich with dedication, warmth, and kindness.  An array of Montessori and staff-designed materials allow students to work from concrete experiences toward an understanding of abstract concepts.  Activities are ordered and sequenced to encourage independence and inquiry.


Entrance is on 2213 28th Ave.

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