Sassafras Healing Arts and Enyo Creations

Artist’s Name: Enyo Creations // Sassafras Healing Arts

Description: healing crystal adornments & herbal medicines & body care products

Artist Statements: Hello, I’m Enyo! Thanks for taking the time to look at and read about my work. I am a multimedia artist who has been making wearable art for over seven years. My wearable art has been described by others as “eerie, witchy, and whimsical”, and accurately so, as each piece is a combination alchemy, ritual, creative expressions, and therapy. My main focus has been on organic materials, and I especially enjoy when ethically sourced animal bones, turquoise, and crystals are involved in the process. I am always intentionally and thoughtfully sourcing all materials and always creating with loving energy. Find them at

Cheré Suzette Bergeron (rere) is a white, trans/non-binary/GNC femme, herbalist, witch, & cajun transplant currently living in Minneapolis, MN. They’ve been working directly with plants for their own healing & survival since 2006 & they’ve been supporting their friends, family, & community members by connecting them with herbs since 2012. They make tinctures, teas, salves, creams, herbal salt soaks, flower essences, hydrosols, & protective sprays with wild-foraged, locally, & ethically grown plants crafted in harmony with the seasons & infused with gem essences. They’re currently completing a graduate-level Master Clinical Herbalism Program through the Green Wisdom School of Natural & Botanical Medicine. In their spare time, they organize an evolving kitchen table project, “Herbalists for Racial Justice”, with local folks to collect, process, & redistribute herbal supports to indigenous folks & people of color in the Twin Cities & beyond in the wake of sustained, relentless, & state-sanctioned violence against first nations people & communities of color. Find them at