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Check out these Artists at Faith Mennonite during the Frolic

Charlie Thompson: Hand-carved wooden spoons
Dan Leisen: Minnesota landscapes & nature photos on notecards and framed prints
Gayle Weigle: Native made jewelry, dreamcatchers, & greeting cards
Joan Kreider: Fair trade sustainable products by world artisans
Leann Johnson: Hand-crafted ceramic tile products for gift giving
Mary Ila Duntemann: Handmade glass beads! To hold or wear!
Meg Erke: Paintings and collage celebrating the outdoors

Seward Winter Frolic on Saturday, Dec. 7, 10am – 5pm and Sunday Dec. 8, 12-5pm.










Discover Seward Artist Jimmy Longoria at Winter Frolic

Jimmy Longoria
is the only Chicano/Latino/Hispanic to be awarded an Archibald Bush Foundation Artist Fellowship in Fine Art, and he is the only Minnesotan to have art in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, the largest collection of Mexican Art outside Mexico.  Even though Jimmy is recognized internationally as a fine artist, he continues to practice giving back to the community by producing murals that deter gang graffiti in communities suffering gang presence.  He uses proceeds from his own art sales to do this important work.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire small studio works of Jimmy’s. You can find his work at the Ivy Building, Studio #213 during the Seward Winter Frolic on Saturday, Dec. 7, 10am – 5pm and Sunday Dec. 8, 12-5pm.




Find Seward Artist Bert Casperson at the Frolic

Bert Casperson makes whimsical, colorful, fun, functional pottery.

From the artist: “I make wheel thrown and altered stoneware. Functional pots incorporating color, movement, natural elements and whimsy.”

Shop for Bert’s work at Ivy Arts Building, Suite 210 hallway during the Seward Winter Frolic on Saturday, Dec. 7, 10am-5pm and Sunday Dec. 8, 12-5pm.