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Seward Artist CB Sherlock

CB Sherlock combines her love of nature, wordplay and unique book structures. She creates work that reflects the world around her, capturing the brilliant or the harsh moments of nature, visually layering her art with text and image. She creates art on the press, intuitively adding color, shape, and words. It is a recipe: add language, nature imagery and the expressive book structure, each time bringing the components together in new arrangements.

Stop by to meet, discover, and purchase her work at her studio, Tin Top Studios, 2521 27th Ave. S., during the Seward Winter Frolic on Saturday, Dec. 7, 10am – 5pm and Sunday Dec. 8, 12 – 5pm.



Seward Artist Leann Johnson at the Frolic

Leann E. Johnson has been creating art for over 20 years: currently as a graphic artist and illustrator (as L & J Graphics); and as a tile artist, with handmade, hand-glazed unique ceramic tiles for home decor, jewelry and interior installation (as Lea-Way Designs, LLC). She began her creative career in commercial art on her parents’ suggestion she have a backup plan to support her artistic endeavors.

Lea-Way Designs’ award-winning tile design combines art and functionality with cultural images and patterns that resonate for her. Leann incorporates symbols and textile motifs in three dimensions to partner aesthetics with function. Her work can be seen on, on her website: or on her Etsy site:

Just in time for holiday shopping, you can find Leann’s hand-glazed and handmade ceramic tiles for home decor at Faith Mennonite Church during the Seward Winter Frolic on Saturday, Dec. 7, 10am-5pm and Sunday Dec. 8, 12-5pm during the Frolic.




Vine Arts Center, 2637 27th Ave S  •
Running Dates Oct 5th – 26th, 2019
This exhibit focuses on the accomplishments of DIY communities of the 90’s – things built based on its values, interests and aims and were centered around the giant hydra of ‘punk, punk like, associates’ and other outside mainstream groups. It was more than the physical spaces created and more about the community that came about. Art, music, film and a scene that was created in reaction / response to the commercial world. Contributions from such luminaries as Extreme Noise, Triple Rock, Grumpy’s, Profane Existence, along with Illustrators like Dwitt, Lance Ward, and Bill Hauser making fliers and album covers, to individuals making films to document the moment.

Opening date and time. Saturday, Oct 5th 6:00 – 9:00pm
Gallery general hours Saturdays (Oct: 12,19, 26th) 11am – 5:00pm, and by appointment
Oct.12 5:00pm – 8:00pm
5:00pm Erik Johnson screening segments of “’The Middle of Nowhere: TC Hardcore Punk’ and beyond…” and other film works along with discussion
6:30pm Ollie Stench’s various video works and discussion