Seward artists (listing)

Seward neighborhood is home to many amazing and talented artists. We invite you to learn more about them here. Next to each artist name is the place they are showing in the 2016 Seward Winter Frolic & Art Crawl on December 3rd and 4th.   If there is not a place next to their name, they are not showing in this years’ Frolic.

If you wish to be added, please email Kerry Cashman, SNG Community Coordinator, at:


Adam Demers, Painting/Drawing/Illustration–Seward Montessori

Alejandro Ortega, Handmade Leather Toys and Costume Piece for Children–Seward Montessori

Amanda Duhon, Textiles/Fiber–Bethany Lutheran Church

Anders Idso, Jewelry

Anna Carlson, Textiles/Fiber–Ivy Building #233

Anne B. ParkerPainting/Drawing–Ivy Building #107

Annie GrossharthGlass

Ann Kreider, Textiles/Fiber–Bethany Lutheran Church

Barbara “Babs” Shelton, Casting Director & watercolorist/photographer

Becky Swanson Kroll, Textile/Fiber–2000 24th Ave. S-home of Kathryn Rosebear

Bert Casperson, Ceramics/Pottery–Ivy Building #210

Bob Schmitt, Painting/Drawing

Bobby Griffiths, Photography–Seward Montessori

Brady Flower, Photography Digital–Ivy Building # 106

Breezy CallensSculpture/Metal

Brenda L. Peterson, Mellow Fury, Textiles/Fiber–Bethany Lutheran Church

Brendon Farley, Paintings–Bethany Lutheran Church

Carole Hallman, Seward Monttessori School

Carol Witte, Jewelry–Faith Mennonite Church

Charlie Thompson, Wood–Faith Mennonite Church

Cindy Burns, Ceramics–Faith Mennonite Church

Connie Lanphear, Glass–Ivy Building #210

Create Laser Arts, Wood–22XX Snelling Ave.

Dale Panton, Photography/digital–Bethany Lutheran Church

Dan Leisen, Photography/digital–Faith Mennonite Church

Dave Logsdon, Art Magnets–Bethany Lutheran Church

Deborah Muenzer-Doy, Textiles–Bethany Lutheran Church

Denise Rouleau, Mixed Media

Diane Gamm, Ceramics/Pottery, Photography & Eco Print Scarves

Duane Tougas, Sculpture/Medal–Ivy Building #210

Elaine Palmer, Ceramics/Pottery

Elina Kolstad, Wire baskets woven of telecom– Seward Montessori School

Elizabeth Christian/Rare Press, Blockprints on tea towels, bags, and paper–Seward Montessori School

Elizabeth Merchant, Painting/Drawing-

Emily Richardson, Jewelry–Faith Mennonite Church

Faith Clover, Painting/Drawing–Ivy Building #236

Francis Pineda-Fischer, Simplistic functional pottery–Seward Montessori School

Gina Herring, Painting/Drawing–2417 32nd Ave. S.

Gordon Coons, Painting/Drawing–Bethany Lutheran Church

H. Leigh Art, Painting/Drawing/ Glass Jewelry–Seward Montessori School

Jean C Gorman, Knitting

Jessie Lawson, Mixed Media -Vine Arts Center

Jill Meyer, Painting/Drawing–Ivy Building #107

Jim M. Foreman, Mixed Media

JobyLynn Sassily-James

John Stumme, Painting/Drawing–2417 32nd Ave. S.

Josie Winship, Painting Drawing–Ivy Building

Judith YourmanJewelry –Seward Montessori School

Julie JAO

Jymme Golden, Painting/Drawing–Ivy Building #107

Karen Franzmeier, Paper, beads, clothes, mittens–Faith Mennonite

Kat Corrigan, Painting/Drawing–Ivy Building #210

Kat Lange, Painting/Drawing–Ivy Building #210

Kate Smith, Ceramics/Pottery

Katharine Skibbe, Painting–Seward Montessori School

Kathryn Rosebear, Ceramics/Pottery, 2400 E. 22nd St.

Kathy Teegarden, Ceramics/Pottery–Bethany Lutheran Church

Kim Gordon, Greeting cards, Prints, Luminaries–Seward Montessori School

Krista CuellarJewelry

Kristina de Sacramento and Anda Fleamenco Company and School  Ivy Building 3rd Floor

Kristin Green, Drawing/Painting

Laura ThyneCeramics-

Laura Olson, Painting/Drawing

Leann E. Johnson, Ceramics/Pottery–Faith Mennonite Church

Lee Ann Wahi, Textiles–Bethany Lutheran Church

Lily Carlson, Jewelry–Seward Montessori School

Lisa Boehlke, Necklaces, photo cards, matted artwork, Ivy Building

Lisa Dust, Jewelry

Liz FinkGlass–Bethany Lutheran Church

Lynn McMahon, Textiles/Fiber

Maia Homstad, Ceramics/pottery–Seward Montessori School

Margot Olsen, Textiles/Fiber

Marjorie Schalles, Watercolors, Mixed Media –Birchwood Cafe

Marina Telfer–Seward Montessori School

Mark D. Roberts, Photography/Digital

Marilyn MathenyJewelry

Martie Beebe, Cards–Ivy Building #107

Mary lla Duntemann, Glass–Ivy Building #210

Maya Brown, Soap and Apothecary–Bethany Lutheran Church

Mary Lee Krahn, Jewelry–Bethany Lutheran Church

Meg Erke, Mixed Media–Faith Mennonite Church

Mei Wang Tessum, Jewelry

Michael Sweere, Animal Portraits

Michael L. Treat, “Smirking Tiger”, Painting/Drawing–Bethany Lutheran Church

Michael WilhelmMixed Media

Monica Bryand, Cards and Matted Photos–Ivy Arts Building

Northstar Foundry Productions, Sculpture/Metal–Seward Montessori School

Nina Boyd, Jewelry–Bethany Lutheran Church

Pam McConvilleGlass-Bethany Lutheran Church

Rachael Hoffman-DacheletCeramics/Pottery

Regla De Oro, Art Gallery & Fair Trade Gifts–Seward Montessori School

Sally Lieberman, Textiles/Fiber–Faith Mennonite Church

Sally Roscoe, Mixed Media (w/ Katherine Rosebear 2400 E. 22nd St.)

Sally Wightkin, Wearable Art, Calligraphy

Sandra Baines, Painting/Drawing

Sarah Seufert, Textiles/Fiber–Seward Montessori School

Sassafrass Healing Arts/Enyo Creations, Jewelry/Healing Arts–Bethany Lutheran Church

Somali Traditional Weavers, Textiles/Fiber–Faith Mennonite Church

Steph Guidera, Painting/Drawing–Ivy Building #210

Storm Amacher, Jewelry

Susan Kolstad, Mixed Media–Ivy Building #228

Susan Rotilie, Jewelry–Ivy Building #236

Tasha Van Zandt, Photographer, Art Director, Designer

Treden Philip Wagoner, Painting/Drawing–Ivy Building #236

Vine Arts Center, Multi Media-Multiple Artists–Ivy Building #200G

Wendy Smith, Textiles/Fiber–Seward Montessori School

Zach Taylor, Painting, Drawing, Collage

2 Responses to Seward artists (listing)

  1. This is great. It would be wonderful to have a social gathering of the artists so we could get to know each other.

  2. Shirley Alexander says:

    I am trying to locate a copy of this print and find out who the artist is. IMG_6714.JPG

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