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Meet Seward Artist, Steph Guidera



Makes:  Painting/Drawing

From the Artist: 

Making art for most of my life, and thinking about it the rest, has driven me to, no matter what, make.

Art making is about the work, communicating, expressing. It’s the experience of exploring ideas and turning those ideas into a tangible thing that can be interpreted by each viewer as something significant — or not. Completely subjective, my hope is that the pieces I create may transform, evoke. The thrill of connecting, the challenge of the material, and, maybe the most difficult piece, depicting those things I see in my head; these are the reasons I create.

Highly influenced by classical portraiture and 19th C. European art, I strive to bring the mastery and intention of the old into the contemporary.

I received by BA in painting from Concordia University, St. Paul, in 2008, and have held private studios ever since. Traveled to (and painted) Mexico City with a Bush Grant in 2007, participated in the Tilsner Artist Co-op from 2009-2011, completed an artist residency in Argentina in 2011 and have been showing in solo and group shows and receiving commissions around the Twin Cities since 2006. Currently training as a pre-program art conservator in Minneapolis and painting, in any free-time I find, in my Ivy Building for the Arts studio.


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