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Meet Seward Artist, Sally Wightkin


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Makes:  Wearable Art, Calligraphy

From the Artist:  Sally Wightkin is a member of the Colleagues of Calligraphy and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Her original works have been exhibited and garnered various awards and recognition  and many pieces reside in private collections in the US and Canada. She has been honored to have had work published in Letter Arts Review Annual Review Issue on several occasions.

In 1987 some dear friends were willing to put a newbie calligrapher to work on their wedding invitations. Since then Sally has created envelopes (thousands!), place cards, invitations, and other calligraphic favors for special occasions. Currently she is making ‘wearable art’: calligraphic pendants and miniature books that allows the wearer to keep inspirational words close.

Sally Whitkin

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