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Meet Seward Artist, Mary Ila Duntemann


Makes:   Glass

From the artist: 

I create art glass beads using traditional methods. These one-of-a-kind beads are for sale individually & as bead sets. I also fabricate wearable art pieces. My inspiration comes from the colors, textures and patterns that surround me in the natural and human-made landscape. I capture these influences in the molten glass where each unique piece is worked by hand using traditional methods. I am fascinated by the cross-cultural relevance of beads. Woven throughout world history, beads have been used for talismans, ornamentation, status symbols, religious articles and for barter. I see beads as meditative objects both in the creation and the function of the piece. I am primarily self-taught and have also studied with Kristina Logan at the Corning Museum of Glass and Aja Vaz at the Third Degree Glass Factory. I exhibit at regional art shows and I teach at the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center in South Minneapolis.

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