Seward Arts & Culture

Arts & Cultural Activities in the Seward Neighborhood — Minneapolis, Minnesota

Meet Seward Artist, Leann E. Johnson



Find this artist’s work online here.

Makes: Hand-glazed and handmade tiles for home and personal decor.

From the artist: “Colorful and culturally-inspired tiles for home and personal decor. Tiles as art, Two-Way Tile Trays™ and tile jewelry are available for personal expression and gift-giving.”

About Leann: Leann E. Johnson has been creating art for over 15 years: as a graphic artist and illustrator (scratchboard illustration, as L & J Graphics); as a printmaker, creating hand-pulled block prints and monoprints; and as a tile artist, hand-glazing original tiles for home decor, personal decor and interior installation (as Lea-Way Designs, LLC). She began her creative career in commercial art on her parents’ suggestion she have a backup plan to support her artistic endeavors.

Lea-Way Designs’ award-winning tile design combines art and functionality with cultural images and patterns that resonate for her. Leann incorporates symbols and textile motifs in three dimensions to partner aesthetics with function. Her work can be seen on, on her website: or on her Etsy site:


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