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Meet Seward Artist Laura Wolovitch



Makes: Jewelry

From the Artist:

I began my life-long foray into jewelry making in the early 1980’s in Madison, Wisconsin, while working on my Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education.

Using my imagination and budding entrepreneurship, I created my own business from scratch. I see everything as possible material for my jewelry designs and enjoy re-purposing and up-cycling. I’ve spent many years on the local art fair circuit and I also work with kids doing jewelry birthday parties, Summer camps, and teaching workshops. I also sell to many boutiques in the Twin Cities and out of my home studio, which is always buzzing with new creations. I live in South Minneapolis with my husband and daughter.

Laura Wolovitch Zipper earring.jpg

Laura Wolovitch earrings 2.jpg

LWolovitch 4


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