Meet Seward Artist, Denise Rouleau

Makes: Sculpture/Alternative Photography

Artwork includes: “Art of the Catacomb” series of  clay “mummy” like figures that inhabit the cells of altered letterpress cases; Manipulated polaroid imagery of the flora and fauna of  Como Conservatory; Black and white Kirlian series entitled “The Secret Life of Plants”.

About Denise: I was born in raised In Duluth, Minnesota.  I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in International Relations and Italian. I think living in Europe has probably been the greatest influence on my art as I am drawn to the rich iconography and allegory represented in medieval art and architecture. While contemplating graduate school I returned to Italy to learn traditional mosaic techniques at the Cooperativa Mosaica in Ravenna. Soon after, Mark Roberts “interrupted” that exploration when he asked me to make some mummies for a type-face case. I would have never guessed where it would lead, but looking back I can see how all the experiences and influences brought me here. Mark and I have also collaborated on series of manipulated Polaroid imagery of Como Conservatory entitled  “The Last Polaroid Show. Most recently,  I am excited to be part of  a new program at the Northern Clay Center called “MN NICE” (Minnesota New Institute for Ceramic Education) where I will explore new avenues with my art


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