Seward Arts & Culture

Arts & Cultural Activities in the Seward Neighborhood — Minneapolis, Minnesota

Meet Seward Artist, Denise Rouleau


Artwork includes: “Art of the Catacomb” series of clay “mummy” like figures that populate reworked letterpress cases; Manipulated polaroid imagery of the flora and
fauna of Como Conservatory; and most recently, “Nature’s Oracles” a sculptural series inspired by collected and observed element in her surroundings that reveal some clues about the cycles of life and our complicated relationship with nature in our urban environment.

About Denise: Denise creates archaeological vignettes and relics in clay and mixed media. “I am fascinated by how we piece together obscure artifacts and fragments
of a story to create a narrative in which we find a place for ourselves. I work with materials in unexpected ways, search for beauty in the imperfect, and give new life to objects that are past their lifespan. I stretch clay until it cracks, or even breaks, and enhance its textural wounds. I am drawn to the chameleon-like power of clay and juxtapose it with found materials so I can both explore and obscure the dialogue and space among objects that are simulated, real and reimagined. I want my pieces to feel
as though they have been uncovered rather than created.”

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