Seward Arts & Culture

Arts & Cultural Activities in the Seward Neighborhood — Minneapolis, Minnesota

Meet Seward Artist, Connie Lanphear


Makes: Stained glass lighting and household art. When not showing at a local art show Connie’s art can be found at Mother Earth Gardens at 42nd Ave. and 38th St.

From the artist: “Inspired by trees, gardens and the natural world, my small lamps, candleholders and other household art pieces transform light with beautiful colored glass.”

About Connie: Connie Lanphear has dabbled in various art forms her entire life, from drawing to painting, photography to graphic arts. When her kids were young, she volunteered as an art instructor at their preschool and co-managed the school’s annual art show fundraiser. She has worked professionally in graphic design for 30 years.

Connie has been making stained glass art for about 15 years. Her more recent work draws on her love of trees, especially their twisting, beautiful branches. She has been known to “put a bird on it”.


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