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Arts & Cultural Activities in the Seward Neighborhood — Minneapolis, Minnesota

Meet Seward Artist, Bert Casperson


Makes: Whimsical, colorful, fun, functional pottery

From the artist: “I make wheel thrown and altered stoneware. Functional pots incorporating color, movement, natural elements and whimsy.”

About Bert: I have been an artist my whole life.  Drawing is the one thing that I can say came naturally to me.  My mother might say a little too naturally to a four year old with a box of crayons and a blank wall.  As I started my formal training at the University of Wisconsin- Madison I stumbled upon a Ceramics class.  I was drawn to the seldom used potter’s wheels in a corner of the studio.  The spinning motion and fluidity of the clay was hypnotic and I was hooked immediately.
I make functional pots with the hope that in using them, people will be reminded to slow down and notice the beauty that surrounds us.  From a crashing wave to a weathered stone to the rain and the sunrise our world is astonishingly beautiful if we take the time to lift our eyes and see it.  I believe that incorporating handmade aesthetic objects into our daily lives helps us to keep in touch with our essential humanity.

Bowl_Bert Casperson

Bert Casperson at the Ivy Building

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