Meet Anda Flamenco Company and School


Passionate Dance, Colorful Costumes, Amazing Guitar

About the Troupe: 

Anda Flamenco Company is dedicated to bringing authentic Spanish flamenco to life for both enthusiastic audiences and eager flamenco students! At Anda Flamenco School, as well as training adults and students in all aspects of flamenco dance, there is a weekly free class offered for community members who want to learn more about flamenco rhythms by learning to play palmas (handclapping) and cajon (percussive box).

Artistic Director Kristina de Sacramento, has spent a month Spain annually for nearly three decades to continue her training and attend the latest concerts. In addition to teaching classes at the school and choreographing for the company, Kristina produces a weekly half-hour flamenco music webcast, Poquito y Bueno, for KFAI. She also teaches at several children’s hospitals in the Twin Cities, and has created a program to teach castanets to Parkinson’s patients at Bethesda. Anda Flamenco’s street company, “Las Zapatistas” (the world’s original flash mob), can be seen popping up on street corners and in grocery stores when you least expect to see FLAMENCO!


Experience flamenco dance being taught to both children and adults, and catch an authentic performance complete with colorful costumes and great guitarists.

We invite people to observe classes for adults and children from 9:30 to 3 on Saturday in Anda’s studio. The 10 – 11 class is a free class in flamenco handclapping rhythms offered weekly to the community, and anyone is invited to participate in this class.

We will also be offering a one-hour authentic flamenco performance in the studio at 4:30PM.