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Artist Registration

Artists have the option to display their art in their homes, in a church, in Seward Montessori School, in a Franklin Avenue business, and we also have a few extra spaces in the Ivy Building.

It is only $30 to be a registered artist advertised in the Seward Winter Frolic ($25 if you register before September 15). Deadline is Oct. 31, 2017. Don’t delay.  Artists:  register online here.

You can either mail a check to Seward Neighborhood Group, 2323 E. Franklin Ave., Mpls, MN  55406, or pay online here.

Once you have registered please send 3 photos to    Let us know which photo you want on the website’s Gallery page.  We also would like a short bio about you and your work, and if possible a personal photo.  We are creating an artists page for all the Froic Artists and any artist in Seward who is interested.

For more information contact Kerry Cashman, 612-338-6205 ext 119 or email kerry[at]


$25 basic exhibitor if registered before September 15

$30.00 basic exhibitor if registered before October 31st

$40.00 late registration November 1st – 3rd

$25 Seward Montessori School Saturday only

$100 Non-profit fee

3 Responses to Artist Registration

  1. Kristin Green says:

    I would like to register for the frolic. I display at Faith Mennonite Church. I do not see where the form is on this web page. Thanks. Kristin Green

    • katelsheldon says:

      Hi Kristin,
      The registration form is linked, just click on the word “here” on the Artist Registration page. I’ve bolded it so that you can see it better and fill out the form!

  2. kat lange says:

    If you want to pay online, how do you do this? I submitted the registration form online, but it did not link me to a payment site.

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