Julie JAO

What do you make or do? performances and paintings and animations Artist Bio: I am an artist because I want to make a difference. The form and content of my vision changes, the patterns and shapes I use, the figures and animals, the pictures and performances, the intended meanings and imaginations, yet my goal stays… Continue reading Julie JAO

Joan of Art Gallery / Art by Kimber

What do you make or do? Contemporary bronze sculptures Artist Bio: Kimber Fiebiger creates bronze sculptures that range from fun and whimsical, to classical and contemporary. She lives in Minneapolis yet her sculptures have been sold all over the country where she has won numerous awards. Besides being a fabulous sculptor, Kimber has created a… Continue reading Joan of Art Gallery / Art by Kimber

Lisa Boehlke

What do you make or do? Jewelry/Photography Artist Bio: Lisa finds fascination in the surprises of the surroundings of people she encounters as she travels. She loves to record what she witnesses in the local scenery, architecture, housing, and transportation, celebrating the beauty and resilience. Often, Lisa feels as though she has stepped briefly into… Continue reading Lisa Boehlke