Lisa Boehlke

What do you make or do? Jewelry/Photography Artist Bio: Lisa finds fascination in the surprises of the surroundings of people she encounters as she travels. She loves to record what she witnesses in the local scenery, architecture, housing, and transportation, celebrating the beauty and resilience. Often, Lisa feels as though she has stepped briefly into… Continue reading Lisa Boehlke

Susan Kolstad

What do you make or do? Mixed Media Artist Bio: For the past several years I have been producing collages from tissue and other papers layered with acrylic. I often include paint, inks or other medium applied with a brush. When I think of my collage work in general, I think landscape. They often include… Continue reading Susan Kolstad

Aesthetic Apparatus- Michael Byzewski

What do you make or do? A graphic design, illustration and print making studio. Artist Bio: Oh, Hello! I’m Michael Byzewski and I’m the captain of this oddball ship called “Aesthetic Apparatus.” I’m in the process of writing a 45,000 word bio but for now this will have to do. What is Aesthetic Apparatus? A… Continue reading Aesthetic Apparatus- Michael Byzewski