Teresa Chillingworth

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Necklaces upused

Artist Bio:

From the moment I remember my head is always down. Really , I’m trying & Expect to see a agate , arrowhead, Sea glass, which may develop into my processing a artfully designed statement necklace. My pockets were full as a kid. Time made me smarter and much fussy on what to bring home. Going to Tech College to learn lapidary and silver smithing was the direction I needed for my passions to swell. I still love silver work . The direction Im in currently is beading with semiprecious stone necklace with in mind unique different and jaw dropper. It may take weeks or months to get it right. Okay sometimes years. I go to ZRS studio and cut stones that I have collected in my travels. India , Thailand , Europe ect. Everywhere’s got something indigenous to the country. Moracco next. Find me on Etsy. Or art crawls, Instagram.