Duane Tougas

What do you make or do?

Artist Bio:

Drawing on his years of experience working at Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater, Duane uses anything he can find to sculpt these uniquely whimsical beasts. They are wall hangings of magic art!

Known as “The Tool-Master of Brainerd”, Duane migrated south to the cities from his childhood home in the north to pursue a career in the arts. He studied at the College of Visual Arts in St Paul and began working at Heart of the Beast in 1993 where he was the tech director and a staff artist until he semi-retired to be a stay-at-home dad when his son was born in 2009. He has worked with a variety of theater and mask groups, traveling across the country and the ocean to participate in large scale pageants. He continues to be sought for his ability to rig just about anything. Duane also works with Barebones on the annual Halloween Extravaganza at Hidden Falls Park in St Paul.



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