Diane Gamm

Botanical Printed Textiles, Pottery, Photography

Artist Bio:
I love variety and learning new things, so I’ve bounced around quite a bit in my creative life. My current passion is Botanical Printing on textiles and paper; coaxing out the natural dyes and tannins in leaves by direct contact printing with prolonged high heat. I’ve been developing a natural dye and printing garden in my Seward backyard, where I have a small studio, converted from an ice fishing house on wheels.

I also switch back to functional pottery sometimes, mostly soda-fired stoneware and porcelain, creating and firing my work at the Northern Clay Center. Photography is a lifelong pursuit as well.



I’ll have my botanical prints at the ART AT RAMSEY fair, December 4, 2021 .

Art at Ramsey Holiday Art Fair, December 4, 2021

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