Dawn Malcolm

What do you make or do?
Ceramic Sculpture, tiles & pottery

Artist Bio:
Before science objected, imagination was tapped to explain the natural world. Gods created the earth and sky from the bones of their parents, seasons changed at their emotional whims, and a mighty serpent encircled the Earth, waiting for the end of times. I study mythology, past and present, sacred and profane, because it illuminates our struggle to comprehend the incomprehensible. I look for gaps between personal as well as cultural realities and the shapes of the stories we tell ourselves to find a meaningful place in life. As a writer/illustrator, I rendered myths, legends and folk tales of fantastic proportion. Now clay offers me a new venue, and a third dimension, in which to explore the archetypes and adventures that seem to have an emotional resonance with the human heart. Here I find the excitement of a surprised voyeur, looking through a window and finding a mirror.



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