Anna Carlson

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Artist Bio:

My work combines text, typography, and printing to create textural patterns on cloth. Textiles remind us of intimate experiences, evoking sensory memories such as a boyfriend’s scratchy wool coat, or the crochet throw on grandma’s sofa. Similarly, language patterns connect us with others over time and space.

Building layered surface patterns with silk, cotton, dyes, inks, and embroidery refers to the links with the past, and those who influence our lives. The process of printmaking, which allows for both similarity and variation in each imprint, records my investigations into the intersection of memory processes, kinetic self-identity, and how we communicate who we are to the world around us.

I create patterned surfaces and book forms to illustrate how language—spoken, written, and worn on the body—captures a moment in time. Altered texts and textiles reflect the changing nature of words and meaning, and how we navigate these shifts. Ambiguity plays an important role in this work in order for each viewer to connect with her own memories. The words can prompt images and recollections that will then alter the course of the future.



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