Cassandra Monson Nelson

What do you make or do?
Bird Watercolors, Gift items, Impressionist oil paintings

Artist Bio:
Cassandra Monson is a professional artist and a freelance art teacher. Cassandra has a BFA from the College of Visual Arts and 20+ years of teaching experience. She teaches art classes all over the Twin Cities and offers an outdoor art program where young artists make art in an evergreen forest or sitting on the sandy shore of the Mississippi River. Cassandra teaches students to invest themselves in the creative process so that they will build a quality product. Cassandra combines quality art materials with recycling to enhance her student’s creative problem solving skills and promote environmental consciousness.

All Cassandra’s art programs are integrated with literature, language, history and information about artists from all over the world. Cassandra incorporates mindful meditation and an appreciation of nature in all her programs. She shows her artwork at local galleries and participates in local art fairs. This provides a rich opportunity for her students to learn from a working artist.



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