Peter D’Ascoli

What do you make or do?

Pottery, functional (vases, mugs, bowls), and sculpture

Artist Bio

Peter D’Ascoli has worked in both ceramics and medicine for over 40 years across the US. His art studies began in college with an initial major in art. Since then Peter has taken multiple art classes, among others: life drawing, glass blowing, welding and many in ceramics culminating in a yearlong program at the Northern Clay Center called Minnesota New Institute for Ceramic Education under Ursula Hargens as well as an extended course in glaze calculation from Matt Katz. He is drawn to pottery because of the pleasure of touch. His ceramics includes thrown, hand built, functional and sculptural pieces. The work is meant to be approachable and available as well as carrying a message even if that message might be enigmatic at times. Dr D’Ascoli’s current ceramic interest includes not only the ongoing coordination of utility and aesthetics but a growing interest in materials. His work can be seen at the Northrup King Building as a part of the North East Minneapolis Artist Association (see: ) His website is: His work was recently selected to be in a yearlong display at the Minneapolis-St Paul Airport called Passages.



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