30 Dogs in 30 Days Painting Project from Seward Artist, Kat Corrigan

Hello all of you amazing dog and art lovers!

Thank you so much for being a part of this project this summer.  It has truly helped keep me centered and a bit more sane with the daily dose of dog and paint-  those are two of my best medicines! And it’s helped me feel connected and in communication with our larger community, and I hope it’s maybe done that for you too.

I still have a few dogs left to paint (and there’s always the chance to add a 31st dog as well!) so stay tuned to my blog for those!

In the past my “30 in 30” exhibitions have been hung and celebrated at Diamond’s Coffee Shoppe in Northeast Minneapolis in the Thorpe Building, and I encourage you to go visit Diamonds and get some good coffee and a sandwich, but we won’t be hanging this year’s dogs there because of Covid19 and not wanting to encourage people gathering in an indoor space.

This year, I am inviting you to a Zoom Opening on Thursday August 6th from 6:30 to 8pm, where I will have the paintings hanging and I’ll be live as I talk about each painting and show you them safely on screen.  I welcome you to share this Zoom info and to have your favorite snacks and drink on hand, as this is a Virtual Art Opening! I’ll spend most of the time talking about the art, and I invite you to chime in and tell us more about your dogs as I get to your painting. And then we can have questions/comments/suggestions at the end!

Meeting ID: 858 9614 6718
Passcode: 485053

I also want to invite you to a Pop-Up Art Exhibition on Saturday, August 8th from 10-noon, in our front yard!  We’ll set up my Art Fair Tent and hang the art gallery-style so that you can either drive by and see the paintings in person, or you can park and walk by, wearing a mask of course and practicing safe social distancing. We are at 3841 26th Ave S in Minneapolis, MN, and I’ll have our green art fair tent up so we’ll be pretty obvious. Possibly, I will have past year’s books and postcards available for sale!

Lastly, I am creating a Blurb Book of this project and they will be available on-line for $20 once I’m done making it, and I’ll send out a note to let people know when that happens- hopefully by this weekend! Click here to see and buy my past project’s books!

Thank you so much for being a part of this creative community~ I am so fortunate to have you all!

And please, if you have any questions, let me know!