Discover Seward Artist Mary Ila Duntemann at the Frolic

From the Artist: I create art glass beads using traditional methods. These one-of-a-kind beads are for sale individually & as bead sets. I also fabricate wearable art pieces. My inspiration comes from the colors, textures and patterns that surround me in the natural and human-made landscape. I capture these influences in the molten glass where each unique piece is worked by hand using traditional methods. I am fascinated by the cross-cultural relevance of beads. Woven throughout world history, beads have been used for talismans, ornamentation, status symbols, religious articles and for barter. I see beads as meditative objects both in the creation and the function of the piece. I am primarily self-taught and have also studied with Kristina Logan at the Corning Museum of Glass and Aja Vaz at the Third Degree Glass Factory. I exhibit at regional art shows and I teach at the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center in South Minneapolis.

Find Mary Ila’s hand made glass beads at Faith Mennonite Church during the Seward Winter Frolic on Saturday, Dec. 7, 10am-5pm and Sunday Dec. 8, 12-5pm.

mari ila 2.jpg