Seward Artist Kathryn Teegarden at the Frolic

From the artist: I work with a variety of clay bodies using a wide range of surface techniques to create one of a kind pieces.

I fell in love with clay and potting when I learned to throw pots over forty years ago at a downtown YMCA in NYC. I have a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, a master’s degree in occupational therapy and was raised in a family where arts was highly valued. This unique medium combines nature, chemistry and artistry to produce functional and artistic pieces that can be enjoyed every day. I work with a community of potters who are incredibly generous with their time and skills. This makes all the difference.

Shop for Kathryn’s handbuilt and thrown pottery, stoneware and porcelain at Bethany Lutheran Church on Saturday, Dec. 1, 10am- 5pm and Sunday Dec. 2, 12 -5pm during the Frolic.