Seward Artist Lisa Boehlke at Winter Frolic

About the Artist.
Lisa finds fascination in the surprises of the surroundings of people she encounters as she travels. She loves to record what she witnesses in the local scenery, architecture, housing, and transportation, celebrating the beauty and resilience. Often, Lisa feels as though she has stepped briefly into their history and narratives.

These three photographs represent three of my favorite works.  I am especially fond of the head of a Buddha set among growing roots of a banyan tree in Ayutthaya, Thailand. It represents survival, despite unfavorable conditions. The area nearby was a Buddhist temple hall full of bodhisattvas until war destroyed many. That a young banyan tree protected one of the heads seems a miracle to me.

You can find Lisa’s photographic narratives at Seward Montessori School on Saturday Dec. 1 during the Frolic.

Learn more about Lisa’s work HERE