Seward Artist Karla Hovde at this Year’s Winter Frolic


Karla will be showing at Faith Mennonite Church on Saturday, December 1 and Sunday Dec. 2 during the Frolic.

From the Artist:
I studied many art media in college, but it wasn’t until my senior year that I began to teach myself paper cutting. Since graduating in 2015, I have made paper cutting my primary medium.

The process of paper cutting comes with a set of rules inherent to the unforgiving nature of paper. Each mark, each cut is permanent; there is no forgiveness for mistakes. An accidental crease is a crease forever. Lose one’s grip on the knife and slice through something, and it is impossible to re-connect. Cutting into paper compromises its structural integrity, so each cut must be thought out to prevent the paper from becoming too fragile.

However, despite these restrictions, paper cutting is a medium with unlimited possibilities. I take inspiration from everything: my travels in Central America and South Asia, the nature I see in Minneapolis, my family history, my faith, and whatever strikes my fancy when I sit down to create. This results in an eclectic blend of themes and styles. What ties it all together is the clean simplicity of making stark cuts into plain black or white paper and ending up with something beautiful.

See more of the artist’s work at her Seward Winter Frolic Artist Page here.