Meet Seward Artists, Mandy & Marissa of Soap + Rope at Winter Frolic

Soap + Rope, 2220 32nd Ave.S
Soap + Rope, 2220 32nd Ave.S

Mandy and Marissa make Artisan Soap and Macrame. You can find Soap + Rope at Nordic Guesthouse Arts 2220 32nd Ave.S. on Saturday, Dec. 1 and Sun. Dec. 2 during the Frolic.

From the Artists:
We are two sisters who have always had an extreme love for crafting. When we were little our parents turned our basement into a child’s paradise full of crayons, paints, sticks, glue, and any other art supply you could imagine. We spent hours painting, doodling, coloring, and sewing, and now as adults we spend our free time exploring the depths of creativity. We want to share our passion because we are so proud of the products we make. We sell homemade soaps made with only pure, natural, organic ingredients, and handmade macrame tapestries for display anywhere you would hang a photo.

See their Artist Page HERE.