Pan-African Arts & Culture Fair on July 23rd in Peavey Park

Pan 2

Girma Hassen from the Oromo Culture Institute of Minnesota let us know that this fantastic event is happening next month at Peavey Park! Put it on your calendar and then watch for more Ethiopian and Somali awesomeness at Open Streets Franklin on August 21st!

By Deborah Ervin

Deb holds an M.A. in Arts and Cultural Management from Saint Mary’s University, and a B.A. from the University of Minnesota where she majored in theater. Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Deb has 12 years of experience working in the nonprofit arts sector, working with Twin Cities cultural gems such as The Cedar Cultural Center, the Midtown Global Market, In the Heart of the Beast Puppetry and Mask Theatre, and more. She’s primarily drawn towards work that involves relationship building, such as communications and fundraising. Deb also has two decades of experience as an events manager for live music, theater, and dance. Her work as a stage manager has brought her into intimate collaborations with diverse communities, artists from around the globe, and projects ranging from river boat ballets to burlesque holiday shows.