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Tonight at DEMO!

Special invite from Steve McClellan via the Seward E-Democracy Forum: heritage-grid

OK – this Saturday, November 14th at the DEMO space at 3530 East 28th Street DEMO is hosting a very special “welcome home” party for CHASING LOVELY, a wonderful pair of sisters, who moved to Nashville almost five years ago and are returning to the Twin Cities for a brief few day visit.
So, from 6:30PM will be open with a bit of a “social unwind” with the now young women with some incredible experience behind them both performance wise and some studio experience in the ‘country music capital of the world’ .
DEMO hosted a few of their early performances in the Twin Cities at both the Acadia Cafe and the Wild Tymes. They were only fifteen and nineteen when first performing in the Twin Cities. NOW, they have “aged” and developed into professional artists, who constantly tour when not at home in Nashville “rubbing shoulders” with the Nashville music elite.
SO, please join us on Saturday for a “party and performance” in a very intimate space where we can both enjoy the performance and ask them one on one “how are things going” in the Nashville music world and how are they getting on with their music careers.

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