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Call for thespians!

Rick Musser put the call out on the Seward E-Democracy forum: Print

“Ben Kreilkamp is a local playwright/director who produced numerous theatrical events for the Seward Theater Project in the years 1995-2004. These included two full-length plays: “Under the  Hill”, about the formation of Matthews Park, and “Along the River”, about the history of the neighborhood from geologic time through prehistoric time to the time of the white immigration and present day Seward.

Now he is going to write and produce a new play for the MN Fringe this summer 2015. The Fringe festival performs in the first couple weeks of August.

Ben is even now conducting weekly workshops at Faith Mennonite Church (2720 E. 22nd St.) to train a cast for a new play. The new play is called “By Moonlight” and will treat of the many communities that make up South Minneapolis, our lives, our aspirations, and our dreams as we live and our efforts to lead more free and joyous and peaceful lives.

The play will include  stories gathered by the Seward History Project (which also gathered material for the earlier plays). The play  will also include a flock of crows, providing the human communities with the supporting id of our dreams.

All adults welcome to the workshops. They should contact Ben at for more information.”

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