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‘Skin Deep Sea’ – a steampunk fairy tale – opens 2/13!

Workhaus Collective, company in residence at the Playwrights Center, is presenting ‘Skin Deep Sea’ – a steampunk fairy tale – Feb. 13-21.

10917066_10153013257738656_8229811382072534549_nFrom the collective: Skin Deep Sea … is a fantasia of late-19th century robber barons, magical mermaids, drunken airship pirates, and two-headed witches. In the tradition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, where love and hate are never permanent states and people can be transformed into animals and back again, this new play promises whimsy, mayhem, and theatrical surprise.

About the play: When Felicity, the good daughter of America’s fifth-richest robber baron, discovers the power to turn her sister Sorrow, the bad daughter, into a mermaid, she sets off a series of events that transform herself, her family, and everyone they touch. Ranging from the Wilds of Pennsylvania to idyllic country roads in Japan; from the bottom of the sea to pirate battles on automaton-piloted airships, Skin Deep Sea is a rollicking adventure through an alternate (but surprisingly familiar) America. Will Robber Baron Penelope defeat Leland Stanford and win the object of her affection? Will Felicity learn to master her inner power? Will anyone listen to Captain Wilson, the lonely, peg-legged pirate? And can Sorrow reverse the curse and forgive her sister (and herself)?

Dates and ticket information:

February 13-21 (Preview on the 12th)

All shows begin 8 pm @The Playwrights Center : 2301 East Franklin Avenue

Prices: All tickets are pay-what-you-can. (Regular price = $20).

Reservations: or 1-800-838-3006



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