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Twin Cities’ music scene and Seward Frolic afterparty band, Pennyroyal


Last week Ira Brooker wrote a good article reflecting on the local music scene, including a chat with former Pennyroyal member, Ethan Rutherford. Pennroyal is playing the Seward Frolic afterparty at Whiskey Junction on Sat. 12/6. Check out the video Brooker included for the band’s song, Minot.

One nice quote from Ethan, “…in the winter … there is this, sort of, frozen bonhomie – we’re all in this together! But I also think that music is just something that a lot of people in the Twin Cities do. It’s in the air. If you live anywhere in the greater Midwest and are into music, eventually you’re going to hear about that and get pulled to the Twin Cities, because that’s where a music community has already established itself.”

We like to think so, too.

More about the Seward Frolic afterparty here. Music starts at 8:30pm. No covercharge. Reply to the Facebook event here.

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