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Kat Corrigan is at it again – 30 Dogs in 30 Days 2014!

If you don’t know her personally, you’ve seen her work around town. Kat is EVERYWHERE and she’s at it again with her famous 30 Dogs in 30 Days project. Kat’s putting out the call for canines. From the artist herself:

“Be a part of this year’s project! Send me your dog photos!


This is the 5th year I have done this project and I am excited to get started once again! Here’s the deal, darlings~

YOU send me a photo (or two, or more!) of your dog(s) via e-mail to!  The best photos usually are taken outside and include high contrasts of shadow and light (and aren’t TOO huge!)~ I do also REALLY love a good story, so include a bit about your dog too!

I will collect photos the entire month of June, going through them and selecting my favorites to paint in July.  At the end of June I will post the OFFICIAL LIST which will contain the DATES and the DOG to be painted that date!  I will paint the dogs, one a day, and post them to my blog ( for your comments!

IF you want to COMMISSION your painting and have it painted for SURE on a specific date, I am happy to include you!  I am limiting sizes to 8x8s for $160, 10x10s for $250 or 12x12s for $360, as I am fairly confident I can paint these in a day!  Hence the challenge!

Here is a link to the 30 Dogs page on my website!  Check out past year’s pups!  And I will also be making a BOOK again!  Here are past year’s books on my Blurb site!

Can you tell I am excited to get started?!?

Send me your HOUNDS!!!!!!!  Woof!”

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