Sue Horns Kolstad

Check out Sue at the Winter Frolic!!

Location: Vine Arts Center in the Ivy Building.

Description: Frack Series: A large part of Wisconsin has deposits of silica sand that is used for hydraulic fracturing to extract gas and oil. Much of it is underneath farmland. The sand is shipped across the country to the hydraulic fracturing site where it is combined with chemicals and water; then pumped under high pressure into the ground.

“I found myself transferring my interpretation of what I was hearing into images in my collages. This includes the three “fracking” pictures. One, “Fracking On Farmland”, shows the outbuildings associated with hydraulic fracturing and the farm next door. This is an interpretation of a photograph in an article on the practice. Another, “Fracksand Farm” is in fact a sand processing plant and rail loading facility that I found in Wisconsin. “Fracksand And Farming” is my own image mingling farming and mining for frac sand.”


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