Seward Arts & Culture

Arts & Cultural Activities in the Seward Neighborhood — Minneapolis, Minnesota


2013 Artist Profiles

Get a closer look at these three artists who will be participating in the 2013 Seward Winter Frolic! Mark your calendars-December 7-8!

Artist:  Michael L. Treat
Bethany Lutheran Church
Michael L. Treat LLC (DBA Smirking Tiger/Mellow Fury) designs mixed metal cuff bracelets, creates cityscapes, paints coffee and wine art and hand knits festive hats.

Artist: Leann E.  Johnson
Location: Faith Mennonite Church
Description: Colorful and culturally-inspired tiles for home and personal decor. Tiles as art, Two-Way Tile Trays® and tile bracelets are available for your personal expression and for gift-giving needs.

Artist: Pam McConville
Location: 3125 East 25th Street
Description: A variety of items made from stained glass. There will be large panels showing different styles and colors, lamps of varying sizes, suncatchers, such as snowflakes and Celtic knots, fused earrings and pendants, and Christmas ornaments.

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