Minutes: Oct. 2, 2012 Winter Frolic Planning Meeting

Hi everyone,

 Here are the minutes from the last meeting.  Please add anything that might be missing and I will send them out more broadly.  Also, the Ivy Building is having a big event this Friday and Saturday.  Could anyone go and promote participation in our event?

Marne, is there anyway we could do a poster very quickly with our dates and website that I could post at the Ivy building.  I know it wouldn’t be the final final but it would be great to have something that promotes our event this Friday and Saturday.

Thanks,  Kerry

Seward Winter Frolic: Art in the ‘hood October 2nd Minutes

  • Marnie shared her logo design ideas and discussed the font choices. Discussion about the logo and how to make it representative of the Seward community. We talked about different color choices – we want it to be very visible (in the gray/white of winter). Different fonts were voted on and two final choices made. We want our logo to stand out, be recognizable and thought it should be kept simple. Marnie will put together some more ideas and send them to Kerry. Discussed the idea of lawn signs that would be durable and could be reused from year to year. We would need to settle on a logo and colors before making that investment.
  • Discussion about the website. Kerry has some pictures of artwork from years past. Will update it. Artists can email additional examples of their work to Kerry.
  • Talked about the “scavenger hunt” idea. People offered ideas of how it might work – use of stamps on a passport-like document that has a mix if different businesses, homes, art sites, etc. so people need to move around the neighborhood to qualify for prize drawings. Laura mentioned the museum passport program that we could follow as an example. Mia volunteered to help work on this.  Talked about making it simple with different stamps for each place, so we aren’t creating tons of new work for us. Maybe not a scavenger hunt just a passport to fillout.  Laura and Kat volunteered to help find donations for the prizes.
  • Promotions:  Laura offered to work on Press Releases.
  • Discussion of starting the planning for the 2013 Art in the Hood early in the year (March?) so we can build our vision for the event, get more people at the table, coordinate the effort with key neighborhood groups, etc.Next meeting is Monday, October 15 at 7 pm at Matthews. Focus will be on how to promote the event.

Kerry Cashman, Community Coordinator

Seward Neighborhood Group

2323 E. Franklin Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55406

612-338-6205, x119

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